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Forgot I had a Twitter crossposter set up on my old Mastodon account lol

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Ah, I'm so glad Apple has convinced me to buy not one, not two, but three laptops in a single year. Fantastic. #AppleEvent

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Time to watch another hours-long Apple infomercial, I suppose. #AppleEvent

Well. Probably time to call it a night 😴 I was hoping (too wishfully) that this election would be a bit more decisive. Guess I’ll find out what happens tomorrow.

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The new iPhone 12 - explained by a leading Apple engineer. -

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Saw a cool billboard


I can't wait until Trump becomes President and fixes this country

DDoSing my own Mastodon server by transferring thousands of followers from my old account at once 😆

Another day, another Mastodon account 🤪


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